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^-1, OPPOSED: just because you don't like it, doesn't mean other players shouldn't enjoy it if they want. I love my cross guard lightsabers and would pay whatever BioWare wants for a ToR version of Kylo Ren's robes and The Mandalorian full Beskar armor.
I personally do not care for the cross guard sabers. However, I think the game would benefit from a healthy mix of Disney and EU elements. I would like to see Darth Nihl's single bladed staff saber. Disney gave it a nice twist (intended or not) with the pike. Ezra's hybrid saber/stun blaster would make a nice addition as well but that would be a whole other class of its own. Probably a mix between a Jedi and a smuggler.

The Mandalorian's Beskar armor isn't too far off from the EU's Beskar'gam. There had been many versions that there's really no standard design aside from the unmistakeable "T" shaped visor on the helmets. As long as that's present, they can dress Yuuzhan Vong in tutu's for all I care. Disney is winning for a reason. But that can't take away a true fan's love for the EU and pre-Disney canon.

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