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Also if you gave noobs a mastered strike fighter, they would just complain that strike fighters are terrible and demand a mastered battlescout and railsniper and a mated pair of bombers. This version of req is about fivefold more generous compared to the original.
They are, but still have enough power to be a threat without coming close to being an I win button. It would be more of a bandaid than a resolution - but even in the short while I've been back it seems like things are a bit desperate.

Like I said, while possible to devote that new intro quest bonus to one ship, it's not necessarily ideal. I know that when I started my very basic knowledge led me to believe that strikes were the natural fighters to use for combat and devoted my time to them until seeing enough stings and flashfires to recognize why they served that role instead. Essentially you could say with that starting req I would have dumped it all into a fighter and regretted it later. When one is learning, its natural to make mistakes - especially with learning the upgrade system.

The main thing I noticed on this new grind on Red Eclipse is that even with my experience advantage, it only accounted for so much. I was clearly outclassing the lesser experienced pilots even if they had more upgrades. Sure there were those that would shoot at targets well beyond range and would do little damage no matter what ship they were in - but I also ended up seeing that more pilots were more competent than I used to give them credit for - essentially held back by a lack of upgrades.

While I agree that its definitely easier to level ships now - gains weren't all that great even under sub status. I would maybe net around 1500 at most but the majority were less than 500 for entire matches. By the time I hit level 22 I didn't have armor piercing, max distortion, or max anything for that matter. And I was reminded why I only flew dailies for the longest time - I just didn't feel rewarded enough per match without the daily bonus reward.

When I ended up being on the wrong side of one-sided matches my req per match was horrible. Not exactly an incentive given the lack of competitiveness. If I wasn't already an experienced pilot in need of a GSF fix I would have left queue. Not a lot of reason to log into a nearly guaranteed loss to see almost no progress made.

It also proved to be the conclusion most people made as the queue wait times reflected.
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