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See, I'd love it if there were more craftable lightsabers in game, so people could have models they like for vanity purposes, and more craftable speeders. Now we have moddable offhands, I'd also love to see armstechers and artificers able to make orange offhand shells. There are some really cool looking vibrosword models in game, how nice would it be to be able to craft orange versions of those for end-game vanity purposes?

Heck, with the speeders it would even be nice to just have the existing Hotrigged Speeder Bike with a different paint job or two. I'd love it if you could get them in blue or gold! Perhaps the super-rare speeder schematics could require researched compounds or sliced tech parts or both.

Or how about cool new crafting schematics for synthweavers and amormechers that require researched compounds? After all, there are several synthweaving schematics now that require scavenged metals even though a synthweaver won't typically have scavenging as a gathering skill.

The answer is more cool schematics that use the materials, not removing the missions that grant them.
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