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I guess Initiative it is then for the moment. I'm barely over that accuracy requirement at 111.68% accuracy with a near full Tier 1 Mk3 Eternal Commander set, not including the mk2 initiative ear piece. My alcarity is 3.92% and my crit is 25.02%. I was leaning towards the adept pieces because of the critical boost but sounds like a bad idea.
4% alacrity and 25% crit sound kind of low even for a tier 1 set. Did you augment your gear? If not, you absolutly should, if you're trying to optimize your stats (228 Augments are more than enough and pretty cheap).

I think most vigi-guardians (including myself) go for the second alacrity cap at 1860, but the first cap works pretty well too. And with tier 1 gear it's gonna be almost impossible to reach the second cap without sacrificing a huge amount of crit.
So I'd suggest you aim for the first cap (around 750 alacrity) for the moment and put the rest into crit. Once you get better gear you can start experimenting with the second cap to see what you like better.
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