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08.24.2015 , 08:47 AM | #74
I try not to take it personally but over-taunters can be annoying. I assume they do this because they don't have target of target switched on, so they have no way of telling if the target is being tanked or if its a dps pull? As for bosses, I don't usually have a problem with switches with other tanks. A switch isn't necesarry on Kel'sara SM unless dps is REALLY bad, infact its a bit of an insult to taunt when it's level 55 SM, so I disagree with you there.

Fighting for aggro is part of tanking and yes sometimes that includes fighting aggro from other tanks. The other tank is doing the same job as you, mitigating damage, if they aren't holding aggro, they aren't mitigating damage. Tanks are the first to be critisized if a mistake is made, so I think a lot of us devlelop a complex where we NEED to hold aggro on everything or someone might die as a result.

As for HP, I agree its bordering on ridiculous that a lot of people assume more HP=better tank. I had close to 59k HP in 192 gear, in 198s I now have 55k. and it will be more like 53-54k once I have more absorb enhancements. Whats the worst is when the other tank has no clue about tank gearing and augments and enhances for endurance and ends up with like 63k+ HP and people assume they are some sort of tanking god when in reality there mitigation is horrible and they are the worst to heal.