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How I guard (all Examples are Previous NiM or this Tier HM) :

Guard Top DPS: Traditional fight with no survival burn phase,
Guard Healers: Burn Surival phase (Brontes ,Titan 6, Styrak, Revan Core??? (Theoretical), Terror, Council.), Fights with adds that need to be pulled from Boss or DPS need aggro (Sparky, Bestia, Raptus Kiting on Council, Draxus if you lack taunts for Dismantlers), Trash mob fights (Commanders, any other trash mob fight)

Guard swap is an interesting idea I've been trying out some more to spice it up, but it's so much more worth it on Juggs (Rule of Two Passive) and Sins (Utility) due to the bonuses it gives for guards or guarded players.
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