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Your posts are totally nonproductive. You are simply an incredibly biased mara main. Maras have great defensive cooldowns, and force camo is a better "saving ability" than either bubble or phase walk.

I clearly lumped the new abilites, set bonuses, and tacticals together, as a whole, when comparing. You are either trolling me or actually insane. The rest of your post equally nonsensical.
Force camo is better saving ability? If you fight 2 or more mercs you can easily be revealed with scan if you fight dot specs you either use camo late and die from dots while running away or use it early and run away but loose much dps because of your early leaving and absense while waiting combat removal and hoping that no one is chasing or trying to run more from someone who actually chasing you. Are you sure you played solo ranked as marauder? Surely marauder is really good in heal games but when it comes to only dps games it is far worse than sorc, merc, oper and in some situation even then sin (when sin has mercs and opers in his group and doesn't even need to go out from stealth for some time).