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First off, acknowledge that you are comparing one of the top end classes to another top end class. Marauder and sorc are both extremely viable in almost every single PvP mode more than most other classes. Justifying a buff to marauder by comparing it to sorc is ridiculous, meritless, ignores the other classes in the game, and just dumb.

But to your actual argument: lightning sorc only pulls 3-4k left not CCed and into a 4 man cleave. All of that damage comes from weak chain lightning attacks. Yes, it has more offheals and more team utilities, but that is because the the damage is so insignificant. Even that 4k damage is nothing because it is weak AOE damage as opposed to real AOE damage like madness which left not CCed can pull 5-6k. AOE damage only becomes significant when it can't be outhealed; otherwise it is just fluff.

On the contrary, fury mara can easily pull 5k single target burst damage while being pressured. If you tunnel a fury mara, you don't change a fury mara's dps output at all, as opposed to a lightning sorc which can easily be stunned, interrupted, and shut down.

Lightning sorc's defenses might look stronger on paper (phase walk, bubble, DR utilities, DR passives), but none of that matters if you're getting tunneled. There is no DR in the world that will save you from multiple classes hunting you down. There is no phase walk you can place that stops a marauder from chasing you with predation. On top of that, well timed stuns and a well timed net can instantly bring down a sorc.

On the other hand, marauder's face tanking utilities helps let marauders withstand a lot of damage before they have to camo out. Fury marauder has a stun DR utility off a short CD and stun DR on saber ward if the right utilities are taken. This is why marauder is viable in literally every meta in solo ranked. Marauder becomes extremely powerful the second you pair it with a healer. Just because you play 4v4 dps solo ranked doesn't make marauder less weak. Marauders are one of the best classes to bring into any 4v4 comp: cleave, pressure, hard-swap, split, hyper-swap. It's abilities and utilities may be best optimized and most effective when paired with a healer and tank, but that doesn't make it otherwise weak. You don't balance for solo ranked, just like you don't balance for duels.

Calling for buffs to marauder is laughable and shows no real knowledge of the game.
Every time enemy team goes on light sorc it looses. because llightning sorc can take tonnes of damage. you can't interrupt it forever since it has some blue immune on cast thing which iam not sure from what it pops but it is. i barely see someone saying lets go lightning sorc lol. it never works unless sorc is bad. it can survive almost all encounters and let his team free cast. I never saw any win when teams go on lightning sorc who is skilled. Like never. marauder in dps game if it's targeted can't do any dps and the fact it doesnt have to cast anything doesn't change the fact it can't do much dps. It uses saber ward, stun dr (i think you mean cloak of pain) but its only 20% dr not 30 or 50% like normal stun dr is. and then guarded by the force which works only 4 seconds. then it's either dead or forced to use camouflage which doesn't save much at all since there are always chasing mara going on. and while in camouflage running marauder quits the fight at does ZERO dps while sorc can do at least something while pressure (it has instant dot, and one lightning cast can be used while running from what i saw).

LETS not forget also that if enemy team has 1-2 skilled mercs marauder can be easily stealth scanned even with mad dash + camouflage and predation trick since as i mentioned before the range of scan is pretty high.