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The problem is with BS from RPGs in which the player is free to do whatever he wants, and writers justify that with "Grey perfection" crap. Kyle Katarn being the poster boy of this nonsense.

The sad thing is, there actually is something in EU, that would have fitted Zakuul's concept : the Imperial Knights. Force Users entirely dedicated to the Emperor. BUT, even though they didn't follow the Jedi code, they had a strict ban of the Dark Side.

Bioware preferred to go full Revanite Mary-Sueism.
Except in that same game if you follow the dark side Luke chastises you for it. (It's Jedi Knight Jedi Academy.) In fact in the EU Kyle didn't agree with Luke originally either. He did believe that the force is just "Powers" he followed the potentium theory (which is a theory that was debunked in the lore.) It led to him falling and realizing it's a mistake.