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While you can still get to the top by almost sheer luck in solos due to all the RNG, most of those past 1.4 to 1.5k+ are good players as you have to carry rather hard past that point. I find the "highest rateds having to carry hard fighting tooth and nail" type system better than the "rich are somewhat more likely to get richer" type system that the other could often be.
This is the correct answer. The old system actively favored high rated players. The new system is neutral; it simply creates the fairest match up possible based on the elo of everyone in the queue. There is no "punishment" of high rated players. Are high rated players put in games that are extremely difficult to win? Yes. Is that ideal? No, but due to the low population queueing, it is literally the only fair way to sort the queue, assuming we stick with the elo system.

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No, current system in all matters is UNFAIR.Now If you dont climb to top spots during first 2 weeks you wont be able to do it up to the end of season. Current system just carrying bad players by matching highrated skilled players with absolute garbage and giving bad players with low elo middle-rated team mates. If you couldn't reach high elo with previous system which was random to elo it means you arent good enough and require carry from the system. Thats all
More babble from an admitted wintrader.

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Mixing the lower 8 players with the higher 8 players just sucks. Right now, it seems like you are guaranteed to never a have team of similar skill, its always a mix of bad and good. So I would definitely prefer the old system so I can atleast have more quality games.
How shocking. You'd prefer the old system that consistently stacked the team in your favor. Games always seem of higher "quality" when you're always winning. It's kind of amazing that as soon as the teams are actually balanced fairly, you barely queue or have any success in ranked anymore.