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No, current system in all matters is UNFAIR.Now If you dont climb to top spots during first 2 weeks you wont be able to do it up to the end of season. Current system just carrying bad players by matching highrated skilled players with absolute garbage and giving bad players with low elo middle-rated team mates. If you couldn't reach high elo with previous system which was random to elo it means you arent good enough and require carry from the system. Thats all
Flawed logic in both cases...

In previous system the game matched players of similar ratings and formed a group and then looked for whats' left in que and made the second group. That is why you often saw top players in the same group a lot of times vs low rated garbage resulting in gank fests and 2k+ ratings on the leaderboards very early in SR.

So in that system if you failed to get high rating in the 1st two weeks it was pretty much over as you were constantly matched with low level ppl.

In this system so you say high rated players are put in trash groups and if you don't get top stop after 2 weeks it's over ? Well the two systems sound very similar with the only difference that "skilled'' players can show how skilled they are by carrying bad players. Oh but you can't carry that ? Ofc you can't... How can you carry the jugg that dies in 10 seconds and you get him 3 times in a row ?

BOTH systems matched players based on their rating and that's bad in both cases. Matching should be random NOT based on rating and elo gain/loss should be fixed and not based on other groups rating and bottom line... This system has to go as you are punished way too much for losing and we need points system instead that rewards winning more than losing. BUt.. of course the current people are against that as they wouldn't be able to get top 10 spots in SR out of nowhere with 10 wins... or 15 wins.