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If they get rid of cross-role backfilling and remove mats, I have the opinion that this solo ranked queue system would be somewhat better than the one from previous seasons.

This is due in part to them eliminating a lot of the previous issues with solos such as factional imbalance, ease of map hacking, backfilling for elo, server elo transfer, etc... but also this is due to the fact that they redesigned how the system paired players by elo.

In the previous system the players were matched in a general pattern of 1st highest rated with 3rd highest 5th and 7th, vs 2cd and 4th, 6th, 8th (when players queue relative to others timing wise mattered and still does as it can shift queue position, but that seemed to be the general pattern). Highest dps in queue most often got paired with highest tank, highest healer, or both. 2cd highest dps was almost always on the opposing team from the highest dps with the lower rated tank and heals as well as dps.

This design works fine generally if there is a sufficient population as the lower average team had higher potential for gaining elo, but once the queue becomes very unbalanced elo or skill wise it often favors the higher rated team, even though the higher average team got less elo from a win. The 2cd highest dps's team in certain situations could be consistently at a statistical disadvantage, especially in tank healer combo situations with great skill disparity between teams.

"The rule of #2" "Curse of 2cd dps in queue" was for sure a thing, and was known by quite a few Top3/T1 level players as you could isolate elos and predict potential matches with a decent degree of reliability in higher tiers.

This new system seems to have the opposite effect and punish the higher rated players, with 2 or so of the highest dps in queue + 2 of the lowest vs an average team, with the lowest elo players you have to carry that are often mat farmers being a main problem.

While you can still get to the top by almost sheer luck in solos due to all the RNG, most of those past 1.4 to 1.5k+ are good players as you have to carry rather hard past that point. I find the "highest rateds having to carry hard fighting tooth and nail" type system better than the "rich are somewhat more likely to get richer" type system that the other could often be.

With that being said there is far too much RNG now with mats, cross-role backfilling, and just general bad players for either system at all to be as valid as the roughly 1st-9th seasons in solos... these issues should be addressed before any system can be reliably implemented.
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