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11.20.2017 , 08:13 PM | #8
Oh the utter mutilation of the English language. Trying SO hard to just not rewrite entire post! Yes, merc's and snipers are OP as all hell! Yes, Bioware is an epic failure and is managing to duplicate with utter perfection the same things SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) and Star Wars Galaxies did which lead them into MMO oblivion by implementing gaming changes nobody asked for, not listening to what most people can blatantly see if they have half a brain and just plain driving away the player base. When you hemorrhaged a huge portion of your player base enough a sever merger is required that should be giant clue your not doing something right! What's even worse is SWTOR doesn't even have decent side careers like crafting and space these are just gimmicks designed to lure in customers from other MMO's half *****'d things that might have had potential at inception but utter failures to make any improvements and more concern with selling say black and black color mods on cartel instead of making them craft able by players shows they are not destined to improve replicating of stock crap items!
My advise login play a couple hours and bail and login into another MMO like (guild wars 2) and hope at some point they do a 180 and start getting their act together. I find myself playing more and more STO and GW2 and less and less SWTOR. The way things are heading it's destined to end up like SWG