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I hate when people skip. There are a dozen reasons not to:

1.) Daily comms drop off most mini bosses and some main bosses. Right now, almost everyone can benifit from daily comms. The list of things to buy and why are just to many to list.

2.). Every boss drops at least tionese crystals. Off hand weapons are cheap, 14 comms and 20 crystals (I think) and sell for 12.5k. Most runs will net you enough to buy at least 2. That's 25k, more than you get for the daily it's self.

3.). All the trash loot that can be sold to boost your income. With alot of playerd complaining about being poor, I don't know why more people are maximizeing thier credits potential.

4.). BoEs that can be sold from bosses and trash loot. Not to mention chances on Columi implants and ear pieces that can be dropped. Could be sold or go to companions. I personally love to send them to alts. Help get them into flashpoints without being a leeching scrub in recruit gear.

5.). Legacy xp. I know, some people don't care. But some do.

You see, there are alot of reasons to do all the bosses and clear the content. Notice that those are all selfish reasons and helping people gear up wasn't even mentioned. The next time you want to be selfish, at least do it right. And o yeah, bio and scavaging can get mats in the runs that they can either sell or make crafted goods for use or resale.

My #1 reason to not skip: needless wipes thwt cost me credits. >
The "issue" is that at this point of the game, people are doing HM for the BH comms. The columi drop at the end is even not a goal anymore, it's just a bonus till you can get BH gear.

People need to accept that at this point, Columi (and Exotech) is nothing but an intermediary gear. Like it or not but most rewards are completely useless, a bunch of bosses still drop blue gear... Seriously, blue gear...

So once again, today the common denominator to run any HM is to get BH comms, if you don't like it get a guild and stay out of groupfinder.
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