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Who says I'm losing? My premades win about 95% of all games. As for the pugs, if more than 3 people are ignoring the objectives, I quit the game, I don't even waste my time. Therefore, I rarely ever lose.

When you're ready to stop throwing up smokescreens and red herrings, I'll continue this conversation that you're failing. Until then, have fun derping.
I think when you are losing you quit and blame your teammates, all your numbers seem made up. 95% win rate in a premade is not realistic.

When I am in a match it is extremely dificult to keep track of what every other player is doing, especially in Voidstar and Alderan where you can't even see your whole team. You have the ability to know early every match that they are not trying and leave. Again, this leads me to believe you just quit when losing and blame others.

I have one question for you:
Have you ever been in a match that was a pug where you went down 3-0 or 4-0 or 4-1 and everyone on your team was putting in the effort you demand?

You keep asking everyone why you should stay in a match if your teammates dont put in your required effort (as determined by you) and no one answers you because its assuming your teammates are not putting in an effort, I don't believe you. People quit every match when their team is losing, i see it when I am up 2-0 and down 0-2. So I don't believe it's because YOU put in effort and they dont. I believe it's because (crazy concept incoming) every match has a losing side and sometimes you are on it.