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As I said evasion is only problematic when stacked to obscenely high amounts. Lesser amounts of evasion are not all that bad. Like for non-Dfield a scout can only have 26% max. That means there is a 74% chance that a shot will go through. RNG is RNG, the scout can't control it, he has to always avoid taking fire as gambling on RNG is the fastest way to get yourself killed.

Also Burst lasers are only really effective in the confines of a satellite. However with the introduction of bombers and the EMP weapons in 2.6, doing such close quarters fighting will becomes much more perilous.

Please with all the AoE effect weapons coming in in 2.6 I wouldn't be surprised if two months from now Stings are listed as underpowered since they will be the only class post 2.6 that lacks a AoE control weapon.

Missiles? Seriously your complaining about missiles? Unless your complaining about sabotage probe the Strike has the exact same missile as the Sting and on top of that has other missile options. I fail to see how Strike with clusters is fine and Scout with clusters is blatantly OP.

sigh... yes yes its super balanced and its perfect. All those players flying flashfires are ace and were trained on the best airplane super secret division , while the rest are simply tards, n00bs and need 2 l2p.