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To deconstruct for materials:
* You have to be level 75.
* You have to be deconstructing gear that's rated 268+(1)

* You have to have the relevant crafting skil on this character.

* Both of the above at the same time.

To deconstruct for schematics:
* You have to have the specific crafting crew skill.

* You have to have made the item yourself.

* The item has to be one of a limited list that can be deconstructed for schematics by a character that did not craft them.

Putting items in materials storage complicates things.

To deconstruct storable items for Augment Slot Components, you must either:
* Never put them in materials storage (e.g. make them then immediately deconstruct them)
* Take them out of materials storage by dragging them onto an open inventory slot and then merge a freshly-made one ("here's one I made earlier") into the stack, which converts the entire stack into "made by me and able to be deconned for components".

(1) I *would* say "gear that requires level 75" except that the green 268 gear you get in the cans while you're running through Onslaught is requires-level-71 and can be deconstructed-for-mats-and-tech-frags outside your craft skill on a level 75 character.
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