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The problem with this class is not the burst, really. It's the fact that it can do the burst combined with such a strong stunlock. Nerfing the ability to stunlock, while returning some of the overall damage to the burst, might be a viable option, but simply giving that damage back without changing the stun is not an option.
Honestly, this just isn't the case. Every AC in the game has significant cc in the forms of stuns, mezzes, roots, and snares. Ops are not significantly better and in many situations are worse. A PT can keep you stunned longer than an op (not mezzed, straight up stunned -- 6.5 - 7 secs vs 5.5). A carnage marauder can lock you down with roots far more effectively than an op. Sins have everything ops have and more. Ops frustrate the hell out of unsupported snipers not because they have better stunlock than other classes, but because they can start the battle in melee range, can easily cleanse sniper roots, and can use evasion to negate long-cast/channel heavy hitting sniper spells.

Heck, I still on occasion go from 100% to 20% over the course of a single stun on my fully WH geared KC Shadow and my Wh geared Gunslinger - and I know how to use my break at the right time in their sequence, too. Make no mistake - concealment/scrapper can still do *insane* and, frankly, a little bit overpowered amounts of burst. That doesn't mean other classes, like PTs, can't, too, but I just think it's silly to try to somehow claim that this class has poor damage by any means.
The only way I can see this happening is if both your cc break and resilience are down and the op crits hidden strike then backstab then explosive probe and the first lacerate. This brings up another point: crits. The op is completely dependent on crits to do worthwhile damage and has no way to proc them. Most geared ops will crit hidden strike 50-ish percent of the time and 65% on backstab. All other attacks will crit around 35% with no way to increase. The burstiest stunlock open I can think of is (acid blade) Hidden strike --> Debilitate --> lacerate --> Explosive probe --> (acid blade) backstab (this will wreck your energy management, btw). You'll crit on all of them (ignoring debilitate which does low damage) and do about 4.5k (+2k dot) + 3k + 3.5k + 4k (+2k dot) 19k damage to a medium armor target about .5 * .35 * .35 * .65 = ~4% of the time. You'll crit on the biggest 3 attacks ~ 11% of the time. You'll crit on just HS + BS about 30% of the time. It's a lottery with pretty dismal odds.
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