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The problem with this class is not the burst, really. It's the fact that it can do the burst combined with such a strong stunlock. Nerfing the ability to stunlock, while returning some of the overall damage to the burst, might be a viable option, but simply giving that damage back without changing the stun is not an option.

Heck, I still on occasion go from 100% to 20% over the course of a single stun on my fully WH geared KC Shadow and my Wh geared Gunslinger - and I know how to use my break at the right time in their sequence, too. Make no mistake - concealment/scrapper can still do *insane* and, frankly, a little bit overpowered amounts of burst. That doesn't mean other classes, like PTs, can't, too, but I just think it's silly to try to somehow claim that this class has poor damage by any means.
Honestly, I see where you're going with that. And I mostly agree.

We need to be able to burst a little bit more, but if you take out stuns or nerf them a bit, we need more in the way of defense. If they give TOO much in the way of defense, we basically become a shadow/assassin, and that's not the intent either. So it's kind of a problem no matter which way you look at it.

We have literally nothing in the way of defense, especially vs force users, and they account for most of the population. Honestly, I'm one of the ones who does really well with the class, but we are like punching through a sheet of paper when it comes to defense.

On the flip side, I go against a competent shadow/assassin and he immediately goes immune to my tech damage and can do some really nasty burst damage as well, plus they have the same amount of stuns an operative does, minus the mez. Spike and Electrocute vs Hidden Strike and Debilitate, Spike can be used outside of stealth to be clear, if they play tank/hybrid spec. And in a fight of 2 equally skilled players, the shadow/assassin should pull out on top as well because they also have an execute, which Ops lack.

All in all, a shadow/assassin is much better outside of stealth and they don't really even need to rely for their opener (spike) to give them an edge. Ops/scrappers require stealth as part of our opening rotation to give us any edge and a good part of our defense as we're very poor outside of stealth, even though that's where a good Op/scrapper will spend most of our time.

That last paragraph is what I see being the biggest problem for BW to address, and do it in a manner that both makes the game more enjoyable playing an Op as well as not any less enjoyable to those falling victim to the Op.