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Low burst damage compared to current high performers, despite being billed as a burst class.

BioWare, please see the importance of this statement.

8k smashes, 7k mauls, etc.

We are usually 4-5k Hidden Strikes and Backstabs if we are lucky, but nowhere near 8k. And smash's cooldown can be reduced using Viscous Slash, and also makes the next smash free.

We're still going to be seen as a "burst class" by all of the people who don't play an operative or a scoundrel, but in truth we are not as bursty as other melee ACs anymore.

Awesome thread, and done very professionally I might add. If anyone at BW ignores this, they are a moron and undeserving of our money.
The problem with this class is not the burst, really. It's the fact that it can do the burst combined with such a strong stunlock. Nerfing the ability to stunlock, while returning some of the overall damage to the burst, might be a viable option, but simply giving that damage back without changing the stun is not an option.

Heck, I still on occasion go from 100% to 20% over the course of a single stun on my fully WH geared KC Shadow and my Wh geared Gunslinger - and I know how to use my break at the right time in their sequence, too. Make no mistake - concealment/scrapper can still do *insane* and, frankly, a little bit overpowered amounts of burst. That doesn't mean other classes, like PTs, can't, too, but I just think it's silly to try to somehow claim that this class has poor damage by any means.
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