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It would somewhat resemble the Imperial Agent story, in concept (gathering intelligence, being an agent provocateur, subverting neutrals (Hutts, say), and so on) at least, although in details it would probably be radically different. After all, SIS occupies the same niche in the Republic that Imperial Intelligence does in the Empire. (Think CIA or MI6...)
This is kind of what I was thinking. A somewhat more specialized agent... Possibly former Havoc Squad type ... maybe ? Being force sensitive could help ... but still not necessary. Not a Jedi Knight.. though Jedi as friends and contact would definately be a plus.

I did notice that who ever did that article suggested that the Imperials division of that group was more extensive and better funded (at least at the beginning).

It kind of makes you wonder what that group might be like if it were explored and expanded just a tad !

I laso thought it was interesting how that Theron initially looked to a group of Jedi for the Ziost incodent.

Good point !

Edit: add additional information to include specialists in weaponry , martial arts and other skill sets. That's why SOME of their operatives might BEGIN with a highly skilled aptitude in a group like (but not limited to ) Havoc Squad personel or Emperial counter parts for DS. But we are discussing SIS for now.