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There is nothing in the whole guide about CHEATING.

A complete guide should have included the types of cheats that are used, how to spot it and what can be done (beside just quitting the match and cancellation of the account), more precise what hack or Cheat Engine setting can be used to overcome that hack or that...I will retain to provide much and way too many more personal stories about how bad is cheating now in wz, to conclude with this part >

Ban – banning a cheater

The relatively new players I can understand why they do not realize it, but even the very old ones prove still naive, since they look at banning as a anti-cheating measure taken by Bioware, but is was never about that!


Not even the cheaters that got banned seem to not figured out yet – that is no surprise to me at all, that the cheaters are ...''slow''(euphemism)!!!

If banning would have ever had the purpose to clean the wz environment of cheaters, then it should have been updated or changed or supplemented, only nothing was ever done in that respect, even if the degree of cheating it just increased.

If the ban was never-ever 'patched', can only be because it did and does its job well, it performs as it should, it delivers as planned.
- The second purpose of the ban is to project a smoke-screen upon players and generate in them the ilusion that something is being done by Bioware against cheaters = and it works.
- The First Goal of the ban is to squeeze more money out of the same players, easily done by hooking a whale, letting it cheat like a ****, then banning it in order to force it open/swap a new account and pay for that one too at least one month...and so on.

This is why if you do cheat yourself somehow (and this is how!), you must avoid/deny the subject at all costs, or it could bungee boomerang into your own cost!
What heck has cheating got to do with a player guide on how to pvp? This guide was written explicitly to explain how to pvp and show how pvp works. Not how to spot cheats, report cheats or how to cheat.

I really don’t understand why you think a guide to help people needs to have anything to do with cheating and I’ve no idea why you would even bring it up and then make a massive post about it.

Honestly, I think that is the ridiculous thing I’ve seen posted in a long time. It’s certainly in the top 10.