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This is very good guide, is comprehensive, is detailed, thus to be kept on the first page was the right call imop.
I thank you for it.
Although been around for some time, from the guide I've learned a few aspects that escaped me before and I do appreciate the amount of work put into composing it.

Yet it has a lack, a shortage, a deficiency, a gap, a shortcoming.
a BIG one
If this minus has been enforced upon the writer, in order to allow it to be published, a requirement to remove any negative publicity, fair it would have been some kind of hint about that condition, only that too is absent.
Thus, I bet my account + subscription that the one that wrote this is Bioware's stuff or some „hired hand” like Vulkk, not at all some casual passionate player with nothing to benefit from typing something, like I am right now.
So what is missing from the guide to be complete?

(imop that exclusion should have been a substantial section at least)

There is nothing in the whole guide about CHEATING.

The only mention of cheating in the whole guide is on Voidstar section, where according to the author some yell „cheat” about what in fact is a 'fair' game mechanics with a stealther teleporting across and the stupid bystander not noticing the silhouette bumping into him to call out for door guarding...

So the guide implies that there is no cheating at all in wz, no1 cheats, cheats are not possible, never was any, never will be, no proof has ever been produced, no hack is ever happening, the results/scores are always obtained only due to tactics and skills and coordination and knowledge and experience and gear/stats and... or shortage of!

The guide is truly a great guide. But is not complete. The cheat part is missing.
I wish to emphasize the mention cover-up with a personal example from one recent Alderaan match: the speeder popped, landed about the same time with a player of the same class, both started running toward same snow turret, both having same class!! the other one got in front, the distance between started to grow, the interval/space got bigger and bigger until the other one disappeared from sight, it vanished since it got so far ahead, that the game's graphics at max. zoom were not showing him anymore, only the beam become visible when he capped the point before any of the other team could reach the same point to interrupt him = well, if that player was not Ne'laa himself, then for sure it must be one of the most avid and fastest re-re-readers of this guide!!
Thus I beg of you Master Ne'laa, could you teach me about the abilities? and effects? and gearing? and resolve? and class utility? and protection? and cleansing? and skills? and tactics? and experience? to pull out something so neat fair and indisputable correct? Guide me Obi-waNe'laa, you're my only hoax!

A complete guide should have included the types of cheats that are used, how to spot it and what can be done (beside just quitting the match and cancellation of the account), more precise what hack or Cheat Engine setting can be used to overcome that hack or that...I will retain to provide much and way too many more personal stories about how bad is cheating now in wz, to conclude with this part >

Ban – banning a cheater

The relatively new players I can understand why they do not realize it, but even the very old ones prove still naive, since they look at banning as a anti-cheating measure taken by Bioware, but is was never about that!


Not even the cheaters that got banned seem to not figured out yet – that is no surprise to me at all, that the cheaters are ...''slow''(euphemism)!!!

If banning would have ever had the purpose to clean the wz environment of cheaters, then it should have been updated or changed or supplemented, only nothing was ever done in that respect, even if the degree of cheating it just increased.

If the ban was never-ever 'patched', can only be because it did and does its job well, it performs as it should, it delivers as planned.
- The second purpose of the ban is to project a smoke-screen upon players and generate in them the ilusion that something is being done by Bioware against cheaters = and it works.
- The First Goal of the ban is to squeeze more money out of the same players, easily done by hooking a whale, letting it cheat like a ****, then banning it in order to force it open/swap a new account and pay for that one too at least one month...and so on.

This is why if you do cheat yourself somehow (and this is how!), you must avoid/deny the subject at all costs, or it could bungee boomerang into your own cost!