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I do have a serious question about Command becoming Renown. The Legacy Perk that grant faster progression for each mirror class that gets to 300 Command isn't going away or being rest on those us who have spent time unlocking the mirror classes and credits on the Perk in the first place? I ask this because the Legacy idea from the beginning was supposed to be one of the key features in the game and while the perks are useful if expensive in terms or credits or Cartel Coins for something that was supposed to be a core mechanic to the players. I was so impressed with the idea of the Legacy System and what was described I was the first among my group of friends and guild mates to hit Legacy Fifty. A couple of examples of this are character perks that should be global such are claiming HK-51. All the work to get him and now if I want him on another toon I need to have 350CC or 1 Millian Credits for each additional toon.

I'm hoping BioWare and EA take into account that when you guys get players to work towards something then either it's less that what it was supposed to be from you descriptions or something earned in simply taken away that is how you lose loyal customers to other companies. I like the Game, like the story but dislike working towards thing and losing them. Also, as pointed out by a couple people before me Lack of Communication, Proper Communication is another way to alienate those you want to keep around.
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