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Guess what, I have two accounts as well for the very same reason, prefer the story line which they now ignore, that's why I'll not re-sub until follow is fixed as it wastes my time having to walk on every planet.
A kindred soul! I'm sure there must be more of us. So, while we actually pay twice for our SWTOR experience, Bioware would need to address this presumingly rather simple issue with urgency!

I am indeed now too wondering to cancel at least my second account, as I don't do any crew missions atm. In fact, I hardly do anything at all in SWTOR except login to check if it's fixed, and then close SWTOR and play Kingdom Come: Deliverance or Secret World Legends instead.

EDIT I'm also not interested in other StarWars games. I love these original storylines in SWTOR, and the Strongholds, and some other features of this particular game, but the new trilogy movies are so bad imho that I'm almost ashamed to publicly admit that I'm a StarWars fan. So if EA's strategy would indeed be to let this game die to move the player base to a new game, it won't work with me. If this game dies, my SW fanboyism will henceforth be limited to an incidental rewatch of the OT and PT movies, and the dedicated Robot Chicken parodies. And I'd find another MMORPG, not related to the franchise.
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