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The warden of the order killed a abomination in the force that had the power of several jedi masters while himself was weakened by shielding several jedi masters.
The wrath defeated a jedi master and her apprentice and at the end of chapter 2 he killed a dark council member a actual dark council member together with dozens of sith force users.
Don't tell me you consider master Karr to be more impressive than Thanaton? Haha. That's just silly, if you do. And while killing Vengean was impressive enough, he brought Lord Draagh, and Lord Draagh is, after all, Wrath's most impressive duel-kill... So, it's not very impressive. I mean, it wasn't a fair fight. Not at all. And he didn't kill "dozens of sith force users", to get to Vengean; he killed a few Sith on the way; you don't kill every single nameless NPC in the world, just saying. Just like Nox didn't kill 13 Sith at Quesh, he killed one Sith lord and not 12 sith assassins as well.... Still. Vengean is not a very impressive feat due to Draagh being there as well
Killing the Plaguemaster, however... That's impressive, really impressive. One of the most impressive feats in the game, in truth.