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Yeah but here is the thing while I do not doubt that his natural force powers are not on the tier of the other 3 with the ghosts and the new body who can take the power of the ghosts he is and above that immortal. I do not get why he did not shrugged the lightsaber in his chest of and continued to fight.
I'm curious where you get that impression though. It seems pretty obvious the Inquisitor is absurdly powerful compared to all the other candidates to be Zash's apprentice, to the point they beat a dashaad assassin, a monster whose sole job is to devour force users, with a training saber (admittedly, Khem had just woken up and probably wasn't at full strength, but still...)

Heck, I can see why someone else in the thread thinks they are immortal. They survive practically everything in the galaxy trying to kill them at some point (a fact not even lost on the Inquisitor).

"I am Yadira Ban, padawan of the Jedi Order, and I have been sent to protect the general and stop you!"
"I completely understand, my master tried to kill me as well."