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The MGGS is used for a datacron at the house of Thul on Alderaan and the Ice thinning gun is used for a datacron frozen in ice on Hoth. I'm pretty sure we can cross those off the lost for capturing the taunlet.
I don't think so.

The grade 47 Magenta Crystal needed the Refreshed and Sustained Tat buff, then the Orokeet (later put into the game) once again required the same buff. If the buff idea had been scrapped, we'd still be wandering around with little eggs.

I wouldn't be so quick to cross things out, especially the Ice Thinner, since it is very related to where and what we are looking for. The MGSS grapple node things are really easy to spot tho, and I'm sure if there was a visible one on Hoth, one of us would have seen it for sure, so I'd say thats a no-go.
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