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* Low Slash stuns all targets in its path, similar to how saber throw from Sents/Maras damages all enemies in its path.

* Mind Maze can now "sleep" more than one enemy within a radius of X from the player character (perhaps 10 meters). Force users as powerful as the characters are should be able to do this to more than 1 enemy.

* Spinning Kick/Spike can now be used out of stealth and for increased damage but no stun in this situation (a melee Jedi class needs a kick as part of their damage options, and the CC-only 1.x ability was taken away long ago - that kicking animation was awesome by the way and would be great to use for a "new" ability)

* Bring back Force Lightning and Telekinetic Throw as a wider, conal AOE. The current Whirling Blow animation looks sort of simple and silly, especially when the class is supposed to be extremely powerful with the Force.

*Resilience now reflects enemy damage and heals the Shadow for up to X% of their total HP. The reflect is limited on Ops bosses to a relatively low number, but not on player characters or regular enemy mobs.

* Psychokinetic Blast/Ball Lightning reduces opposing players' Alacrity and Critical stats temporarily. This can stack for up to X total. Getting hit in the Face with a big burst of FORCE should slow other players down somewhat, right? Currently, dps Shadows have some issues in PVP regarding survivability compared to other melee classes like Guardians. There are no doubt better ideas for this, but it is just one that would introduce messing with player stats as it relates to ability use, which I believe would be a new and interesting strategic introduction to combat. It has the added bonus of INFURIATING PVP players even more than usual, which is always at least a little funny.

TACTICALLY sneak in and take back Phase Walk for the class. I've found that cloaking out of combat has never been more unreliable in PVP and sometimes even PVE too (Ossus World Bosses for example, nowhere near a circle), even with the Resilience on cloaking utility selected. Shadows/Assassins need Phase Walk as a way to escape combat without any doubt of being pulled back in, especially with ranged classes having so many AOEs they can spam without worry about resources/ammo. Cloaking out of combat used to be reliable - it's not anymore. This would fix the problem a good deal, at least having one for a "must exit" situation based on Phase Walk's cooldown.
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