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04.18.2019 , 12:30 PM | #14
IMHO, deception/infiltration has really been hurt over the years, not only by the nerfs to our damage, but by the increase in damage and survivability of other classes. As a melee class that has to be within 10 meters (realistically 5 for the majority of our damage rotation abilities), we have been especially hurt by the range dominated PvP world the past couple of years.

We need something that ups our damage and makes us more of the heavy hitting threat we were meant to be. We were in a pretty good place with the bug that doubled surging charge, especially when using overcharge saber. Maybe our trait or full set bonus gives us that ability to damage we had during that bug.

In addition to that, here are some other possibilities:
  • something that gives us a guardian or commando type ability to get health back from being hit.
  • Ability to reflect damage back that doesn't rely on us having to select a utility. Getting crushed by AOEs from ranged (even with 30% AOE reduction if we slot that utility) isn't really cool, especially when slowed.
  • something that allows us to regain our 30% damage reduction on stun that was removed from us and given only to tank