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02.14.2015 , 07:27 PM | #5872
These are a few short stories of horrible KDY runs from this 2xp weekend so far. They’re short and sweet and all from Imp side as those are the characters I’m currently trying to speed level.

1. A low level Jugg DPS who NEVER heals between mob fights and will jump to the next one on 20% health and then will try to run away when he gets at about 5%. Proceeds to blame us every time he dies (and that’s a lot).
2. A level 30-ish Jugg Tank who seems to think that tanking means to run into a room grab EVERY single mob and then leave us DPS to clean up whilst he runs to the next room/mob pulling as many as possible as fast as possible and then gets shirty when we all die.
3. A 20 something sith tank assassin says he won’t tank and will just DPS with us other 3 DPS. He doesn’t change to DPS stance. I decide to take lead and initiate the attacks because everyone else is just standing around waiting for someone to. Not long in the Tank gets shirty at me for pulling before him even though he said at the very beginning he didn’t want to tank. I say fine and we get to the next mob and I wait but the tank does nothing I ask him what he's doing and get a reply along the lines of, “OMG I said I’m not tank DUH!!” SO he wants me to pull but then he tanks after that? I still don't know.
4. This isn’t just once but something I have seen very VERY often. Sniper’s who stand in one position and DON’T move, ok sure fine it’s only KDY but when they stand right next to the health stations in boss fights and yet REFUSE to click them at all it really annoys me.
5. One Koris run with 3 DPS and 1 healer. The healer had been only ever DPS’ing so far which was fine as we never got into much issue. On this boss fight he says I will heal and we agree. The healer than proceeds to “heal” us by just clicking the healing stations and nothing else! He will run from one side of the room to the other clicking the station whenever they are ready if we need them or not and when neither are clickable won’t heal us at all.
6. One run I had a sith sorcerer who I can only assume was trolling as she would just randomly RP in the chat (I’m on Harbringer BTW) between mob fights by saying really weird stuff like “charactername dances seductively in front of x” or "charactername twerks at x" and would continue to do stuff like that to us other 3 DPS the entire FP.