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Met someone just now who has really got under my skin....

I get a gf pop for SM lost island with my vang tank. Theres a scoundrel healer, slinger dps and shadow dps.

We zone in, I ask everybody if they know the mission. The healer says yes, the other 2 don't answer (which as always, I take as a yes).

We get started and start to skip all the animals up to the first boss, where possible. However the shadow wants to "get exp" so starts fights on everything, luckily due to his poor dps I manage to rip aggro quick without needing to taunt (I love vang tank spec stock-strike).

We get to the first boss. I ask "all know it?". The healer says yes, both dps dont answer. I pull, both dps die in the multitude of circles that boss drops and me and this healer end up 2-manning it, at which point it becomes apparent this healer is really really good.

We res the 2 dps and the shadow rants at the healer. I suggest he follows fight mechanics and set off. Shadow likes to pull ahead of me, I ask him about it, he tells me he wants to pick up the pace, so I do. Now the slinger and shadow both complain about resource management (I have never struggled with resource on my sniper regardless of pace, but w/e).

Get to the second boss, the droid. I ask if everybody knows it. Healer says yes, both dps stay quiet. I pull, shadow pops the sticky aoe under the boss, while the slinger fills the rest of the room with his. This results in a lot of damage due to very limited safe spots from those lightning dome things. Adds turn up, I go get aggro, write adds in chat but no dps comes to get them so I end up dpsing adds while hitting the boss afew times to keep aggro. The healer finally runs out of resource and we wipe.

I ask again if anybody is new here and doesn't know the fights. I get no response. I pull second boss again wipe again, and a third and fourth time. I ask the dps again if they know the fight. The shadow rants about how crap the healer is (clearly if there are aoe's filling the entire room, the tank is surrounded by a hoarde of adds and the dps are tunnel-visioning the boss then not keeping everyone topped up is because of a special-needs healer).

I decide to explain the fight to the nth degree, interrupted a multitude of times by comments from the shadow such as "lmao dumb tank thinks hes pro" and "I know all this lets just fight". We pull, the shadow carries on making the same mistakes but at least the slinger listened. We leave the shadow dead on the floor so he cant fill the room with aoe while the 3 of us kill the boss, then res the shadow. He complains again about the poor healing.

We carry on, the dps don't interrupt any terminate shots despite my instruction. Get to sav-rak. I ask the dps if they want this one explained. The shadow tells me to "shut up and pull" which I do. Both dps go over the edge on the first smash/stamp or w/e. We wipe. Second go is the same again. I start explaining the fight again, which annoys the shadow as he continues to state that he already knows it. After I finish explaining I ask if everybody understands, the shadow then runs in and pulls, then gets knocked off on the first stamp, we wipe as 3 people doing the pipes thing doesn't work too well.

The shadow starts complaining that he is having to carry us noobs and we are costing him a repair bill. I suggest that he listen to the fight mechanics as he is clearly new. He goes on a tirade about how pro he is and we would be stuck without him. I inspect his achievements, see that he is new (do the same with the slinger out of interest, hes new too). I vote kick the shadow then explain to the slinger how stating that they are new at the start of the mission can save alot of time and repair bills. He apologiese for not doing so, saying he was worried he would be kicked for being noob. I point out the opposite, I only kick new players if they dont say they are new and end up causing issues, using the shadow as an example to get my point across.

We get a new dps and complete.

Now I don't have an issue with noobs, what annoyed me about this guy was:
  1. didn't say he was new when asked at the start
  2. didnt say he was new when asked by the first boss
  3. blamed other people for the fact that he died on the first boss due to being new, despite not saying anything
  4. didnt say he was new when asked at the second boss, causing multiple wipes, while blaming the healer
  5. has a go at me for explaining the boss, claming he already knows
  6. doesn't use interrupts which are helpful with the terminate enemies
  7. didn't say he was new when we get to third boss, despite being asked, causing wipes
  8. refuses to listen to instructions for third boss, causing wipe
  9. completely flips and tells the entire group he is holding us together
  10. continues his claims of knowledge even after I point out his achievements state otherwise

Still at least 1 good thing came out of this. I think the slinger now understands that when people ask "are you new?" they aren't looking for an excuse to kick you, but are trying to avoid ending up with a story like this, along with an unnecessary repair bill.
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