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(I'm sorry if this topic is considered to have been talked over sufficiently, but coudln't find time to post the last few days and I'm genuinely curious about the underlined part below)

Regarding the AoE discussion, I wonder what people actually consider useless damage. Personally I feel it's important to differentiate between "easy damage" and "useless fluff".

I'm not saying there aren't parses with too much AoE, but - as someone who sits on a fair few of these high numbered parses - there are AoE heavy parses that are high because of smart use of AoE and not because it was spammed at the expense of way too much single target dps. For instance, how could rotational AoE (Incendiary Grenade, FiB, TKW etc) ever be considered useless damage when it hits the adds as well as the boss?

Anywho, for good measure, here is a new 8-man Titan 6 parse for the leaderboard:

3867 DPS - Rhuarc - Titans - Gunslinger - Saboteur - 7/36/3

For the record, the 2700+ dps on Titan 6 himself would still put it at the top if all his probes permanently malfuntioned pre-pull for everybody, so AoE haters stop hatin'.

Also 8-man operator IX
2431 DPS - Rhuarc - Titans - Gunslinger - Sharpshooter - 36/3/7

For whatever it's worth, current gear profile is one shadowed implant, shadowed earpiece, two 75 armorings, two mods, one enhancement and rest underworld except crappy relics; still using Conqueror SA and War Hero static power. Tried sacrficing all kinds of stuff to the rng gods but nothing seems to help my rolls; cows, sheep, virgins, birds: you name it. Any advice anyone?

Edit: Can't remember my gear profile for each individual kill and it's also bound to change, so perhaps it's best to leave out for now. The exact profile is also prolly something of a mouthful to fit in under the parses.
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