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I buy *some* things at that, and vendor - because people don't know their value to vendor, other things I sell for more or craft with and sell.

I'm not going to list what I've found, because I've hit a few - untapped niches as far as I can see. I have to work a bit harder to make my credits, but - at the end of the day, they do keep coming in.

I'm not crying. I'm just stating facts, a concept that seems to elude your lying insulting mind.

High end nodes, sell (reasonably - if you have the right stuff for the right price) well - and for a lot (again, this comes down to demand - a concept that I'm going to wager you do not grasp). Low end, not so well. At least not right now. Maybe when people realise the value - the minimum price will go up. In terms of pure credits, it's effective for me to buy low end materials, that create very quickly and vendor them, making between 90c-125c per minute depending on recipe. Higher end stuff, sells for more - but can't be churned out nearly as fast, due to the crafting times. So - I tend to GTN higher stuff, because it's more cost effective to GTN low end materials and convert them into credits, hell - even missioning and converting them into credits is more profitable.

You do get how crafting works don't you? I mean, you've shown yourself to be untruthful, but - you do understand some of the intricacies right?

Look - you get lots of Missions per hour (far beyond the results of all the recorded data from most people - and you brag about how much you make), and can sell them well above anything I've seen available on my server. Now - the prices, I might be able to accept - our server is in a slump. The "results" of your missions, however - are TOTAL untruths. Note - you couldn't answer the very simple question.

If you could - then there'd be a consensus, that the actual CPM of slicing missions is very low for what it is. Which is what this thread, and the one before that, and the one before that is about. Something you've failed to grasp in it's ENTIRETY. Because you're you.

In terms of credits per mission - you get more doing other things. This is a fact of life. In terms of high end nodes - you get more from Scav (and to some degree Arch - depending on the node - and I've no idea about Bioanalysis since I've not done any, but going by the forum QQ, it's obviously a winner). The fact that rank 1 missioning with Scavenging can guarantee me a better credits per minute return than ANY rank Slicing mission says there is a problem with slicing (short of lucky crits - which as many people will attest to, isn't a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination).

If you can't grasp this, carry on posting your continueing drivel. It's amusing being better than you. You call me names, and I laugh at your arguments, because you can't post with data, whereas - even the post above me - was a result of one of the many spreadsheets out there, with plenty of samples regarding slicing data. You know - actual non lies. And they're all within the same ballpark region.

You also don't explain - how - you get to free farm nodes continuously - since many have been removed. As I said - I suspect your "data" or lack of it, which amounts to stories saying you earn more than you can spend, to be either flawed, or simply - untruthful.

But keep calling me names if it helps you feel more like a man. Or - go play with the other children. Either or, I care not.
Now you are going far afield and talking about how a crafter can make more than a slicer.

Explain to me how a level one missioner alone can make more than level 400 slicer with no crafting...

They can't but keep trying to spin you argument.

You are an amusing chap.