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i don't believe you(red text), i have 3 of my 5 companions with 7k+ affection and i afk slice for extended periods of time all 5 companions. I get maybe 1 300/340 UT,arch, th or bio mission per day. Often i get 200ish blues. I have even started doing the guaranteed loss missions in lv5/6 lock boxes to try and get the missions since we have jacked the price of the missions to 20+K on my server.

I am juggernaut so i dont have a companion with bonuses to slicing are you running one of the companions with +crit slicing?
Yes I have Mako at 10k affection. If I send all 5 out and do no biochem I will get about 1 per hour.

Last night sending 4 out, i got 2. So far tonight I started at 6:15 est and Torian just came back while I was typing this with a 340 UT.