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Ok. That said, when I play a strike fighter, what I notice is that the secondary abilities are too difficult get off without being shut down, and a lack of speed (maneuverability is fine) that makes them easy targets for gunships/scouts.

My vote would be to increase the speed (not quite to Scout Level, but significantly). It would also significantly reduce the lockout & lock on time of missiles and torpedoes. They do good damage, provided they can actually hit, but it is near impossible to get them off in the first place, and most ships just dodge it anyways. So in order for these ships to be viable the secondaries are going to need some serious buffing.

Also: Just a small request, give Interdiction Missiles to the Pike/Quell. That ship is designed to be a missile boat, and they would probably serve an excellent purpose there. They make more sense there than on a T3 Gunship.

Point of note: I am primarily a scout pilot here, but I also enjoy gunships. Currently, I only fly a strike fighter against teams of new players for the challenge.

Thank you Bioware for noticing our GSF community. We appreciate it.
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