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01.07.2014 , 08:28 PM | #5

as I do not know your rotation, it's a little hard to give advise, however as stated, there is no heat neutral rotation for Mercs, but for an Arsenal Merc this should not be a big issue.

The 1 change I made, that now rules out heat as a major/continual worry is the removal of Missile Blast from my rotation. With terminal velocity (vent 8 heat every 6 sec) and the amount of activation/channel abilities, that in general covers standard non missile blast rotation... (rarely use Vent Heat now - except for Alacrity bonus) I will state here I mainly PvP so not sure this stands for PVE but should go close.

As Cookie Monster say.. "Missile blast is a sometimes ability, not an all the time one." The problem with Mercs is as a lowbie you depend so much on missile blast, you become addicted, but the heat cost is a killer(25) and its spamable...

Remove it from key bindings, and see how that works... standard rotation I use is: ED>TM>HSM>TM>TM>RS>UL, if I'm using FM or occasionally DFA remember TSO which makes your next ability generate no heat.

Hope that helps.