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05.17.2019 , 08:01 PM | #7
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Lol. GSF is the Huttball of data crystals.

Actually, I like it, even though my newer toons don't have hardly any upgrades. However, I agree with you, mainly because even with this weekly, the queues still barely pop. I don't have time to waste 30 minutes avoiding joining a group for something else just because I'm stuck in a GSF queue.
Huttball is awesome and i don't care about the haters.

GSF is fine for those that like it, but it plays so differently from the rest of the game that i just haven't felt confortable to even try it. The whole progression system it has tells me i'm gonna be an easy kill to those that have played it for years.

I would rather the mission was alternatively to complete 3 of the classic on-rails PvE missions. Those are simple and easy to get into. I do understand you want to populate GSF, but even with this mission, many of us are unwilling to join. Might aswell just give an alternative. Otherwise it's just a dead week tbh.