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Sounds similar to my Opener. I occasionally see the 1st two hits of MS hit for 10k+, but then looking in my log they hit between 3k-5k. I really should make a video of this because I'm not entirely sure what causes it other than the timing of my adrenal.
oh, never happen to me 1st and 2nd dmg hit normal dmg or normal crit dmg but the third just didn't exist.

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Btw, anyone else on Torque notice that the fire double spawns in HM? Finally got past Bulo after about 3 hrs worth of pulls last night, but hit a wall with Torque and tanks/myself working out how to effectively stack the fire.
i didn't notice that, from what i saw there 4 consecutively fire spawn on melee and tanks. Btw, quite easy to avoid. So great when your are alone to depop small turrets with saber reflect + vigilant thrust
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