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From what I've seen it appears the fire spawns on tanks and melee DPS, I just move as it spawns personally. What I'm curious is, what does your raid group have you do for that fight?

We were running with a Sniper, Merc and Sorc... at first they had me on adds, but it was a bit rough for me, Sniper/Sorc were aoeing the walls and Merc was sitting on boss basically. I'd be at around 3100-3500 on those pulls, Sniper/Sorc 3800-4k, Merc 3500... then we did me on boss, Sniper on adds and Merc/Sorc on aoe duty, I'd be 3800-4k, Sniper 3100-3500, and Merc/Sorc at 3k/3.8-4k respectively. Merc was underperforming (normally one of our main healers) so we shuffled in a Sin, but it was late and we were getting sloppy so only did a couple more pulls and stopped, haven't gone back yet this week.

I dunno why, but it seems like I almost handled add duty better than our sniper. I'm guessing its cause of how easy it is to spread aoe with Vengeful Slam, I also picked up extra damage on shoots lasers with taunt/reflect whenever possible. Its a pain dealing with the fire droids, but if you're careful its not too bad. We probably would've had it downed but overall DPS was too low (like I said, merc is normally our healer and doesn't DPS often).
Considering we got 5 pulls in before most headed off for the night, we had people doing specific roles, but nothing is set in stone as of yet. For the moment, I am on boss and blocking/killing Shoots Lazer. We were running the same comp, Gunslinger, Mando and Sage. We had the Sage and Gunslinger on Turrets, since Quake+SGF is pretty solid AOE wise with the utility buff, and the Mando was on Fire Device adds.

The last pull it seemed to be working well. We got through 2 fixes, but then the double fire got one of the tanks and it spiraled from there. We got decent rotation of consoles going the last pull I was able to AOE some of the turrets. My DPS was decent sitting around 3.8K+, but the pulls werent long enough to say I could sustain that yet. As of now, I think our biggest issue in the fight is overcoming the wall of fire.

Personally, idk why BW decided to penalize mdps/tanks so much in this fight. I'd like to see 1 fire puddle per person instead. Would force everyone to move instead of 3/8 people in the group. I know mdps have it tougher this tier than before, but this mechanic seems a bit too specific to us. It's doable, but going to be a pain the entire time.