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You're presenting this very disingenuously. The devs only removed meaningful open world pvp and 8v8 ranked because the population participating in those activities did not justify ongoing support for them (not to mention the technical issues surrounding world pvp). People sometimes like to act like these were hugely popular things that the devs just removed because they're evil. Their reasons for removing them were totally logical, and the amount of people that left the game as a result was probably negligible.

Meanwhile, ranked arenas were very popular and saw widespread participation on pvp servers like POT5.
We had hundreds of players at times playing open world pvp. It was a bit of a slideshow, but it was an interesting slideshow because everyone wanted to win it.

Pvp queues basically shut down whenever there was an open world event or spontaneous open world pvp where pve players started to beg us to come kill the dirty (insert faction here).