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The devs only removed meaningful open world pvp and 8v8 ranked because the population participating in those activities did not justify ongoing support for them (not to mention the technical issues surrounding world pvp). People sometimes like to act like these were hugely popular things that the devs just removed because they're evil.
Illum was very popular in my server back then and in other PvP servers. Jung Ma and Harbinger to name a few.
Yes there was the technical issue but over the weekend we used to have an afternoon of battles.

As for 8vs8 we had 10 plus guilds mostly with 50 plus players on Tofn. 8 vs 8 got stale one for the never made promise of cross servers, second because it stayed pre-season for ever (1.5 years). Do you remember the never ending Pre-Season?

I am not taking down the success of Arenas (even if they are a lame game mode which gets boring). Liking or hating Arenas how much you want they are limited and this is why Team Ranked is in a low and in a bottom in the last couple years or so that it seems it cannot come out. TR is currently in-existent in Swtor.
Even in the worst time of 8 vs 8 we had much more interest. 8 vs 8 went down before Arenas launched and when BW announced thats 8s where going to be removed.

The success of Solo Ranked Arena is just because of commodity, that when you log in game you have insta pops after a few minutes, without waiting to create a group and so on. That in 8vs8 always lasted about ten minutes at best and if you are lucky, more to thirty minutes whatever Guild notes you made.