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OK confirmed that it happens 100% of the time for my Republic guild ship when moved into orbit of Ossus. Here are the steps to recreate the bug:

  • Only happens with Republic guild ships
  • Open the Flagship Command Console
  • Move ship into orbit of Ossus
  • Enable Orbital Support - Top right "Support Status" shows "Online"
  • Close the console
  • Log out
  • Log back in again and reopen the Flagship Command Console
  • Top right "Support Status" shows "Offline"
  • Bottom Orbital Support button is re-enabled
  • If you click it you get the usual "Do you want to spend 60k" popup
  • If you click Accept then you get yellow text in chat: "Orbital support is already active."
  • Traveling to the planet shows no Orbital Support buff
  • Screenshot of the console and text message
I have had the same problem, The way i got around this was for at least 1 other person to be on the planet needing the orbital support.
Enable support on ship and then exit to planet So both (or more) people are there.
One person logs off and logs back on, then the other person does the same.
This seems to work for me, have done this twice now and worked and Orbital Support has stuck each time.