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Quote: Originally Posted by UlaVii View Post
OK confirmed that it happens 100% of the time for my Republic guild ship when moved into orbit of Ossus. Here are the steps to recreate the bug:

  • Only happens with Republic guild ships
  • Open the Flagship Command Console
  • Move ship into orbit of Ossus
  • Enable Orbital Support - Top right "Support Status" shows "Online"
  • Close the console
  • Log out
  • Log back in again and reopen the Flagship Command Console
  • Top right "Support Status" shows "Offline"
  • Bottom Orbital Support button is re-enabled
  • If you click it you get the usual "Do you want to spend 60k" popup
  • If you click Accept then you get yellow text in chat: "Orbital support is already active."
  • Traveling to the planet shows no Orbital Support buff
  • Screenshot of the console and text message
We have the same but with imperial ship (already for long time, to clarify).