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I look at pvp as a sport and there's no competition in sport when you're outnumbered 2:1. I personally prefer to pvp as a team and the only level ground for that to happen is in WZ so that's what I personally prefer.

I've played plenty of opvp and don't get me wrong I have a blast with it. But when I can gauge my team's skill vs another and come out on top that is the most satisfying feeling for me.

Random open world encounters are fun as hell on smaller scales, but team pvp is where it's at for me.
There's where you went wrong.

What about those 5 on 20 times when your 5 wins. You can't gauge your success by that. I loved Shadowbane and I always will. If BioWare was ballsy enough they would implement Outlaw's Den on a few planets and allow guilds to build small cities there.