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thanks you guys for the tips already changed specs to 5/2/39 i wanted chain shock because of the old school madness thats how i learned to play it anywho ive been going back and forth between gear setups ive tried all power then power and 20% crit then 25% then 30% and atm im full min/maxed crit 34.45% with 77% surge now i have to min/maxed sets one for power and one for crit. So far full min/maxed crit is kinda fun get almost 700hp back per tick of CrD and when my crit relic procs my force crit chance goes up to 50% crit chance. Playing like this kinda works for me but i would be interested if your thoughts about this and i have never done phrases b4 but if anyone can point me in the right direction ill give it a shot.
Thats at least 4.45% more crit than you should have and main stat/power relics is BiS
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