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12.13.2011 , 11:08 AM | #1
Hey Steven!

Your sticky said you'd be updating it as you went along! You have about 70% of your pre-order folks up in arms upset and waiting because of lack of communication, and then YOU TAKE DOWN YOUR ORIGINAL POST?!?!? That was the only thing that was worth the reading the forum for folks who were there refreshing it looking for news.

Folks can disagree about the decision to stagger your preorders and waves.

Folks (like me) can be very upset with you about the lack of communication coming from you guys to us.

but.... When you finally start a thread and tell us that you're going to keep it updated on the day you launch a game, AND you know you're going to have thousands of irate folks looking at that thread for news, common sense should tell you that you don't take your post down! We all don't follow your twitter account! Please do as you said, put the post back up and update it with relevant information! I do not believe this is asking too much.

Thank you!