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Expected Behavior:
I Right click the filter, chose a Quality (which should include "none", and a grade selector also with "none"), and any material that would automatically go in my inventory matching those settings, instead goes into materials inventory

Actual Behavior:
Setting only affects what material go from inventory to materials storage when left clicking the filter.
Ditto with clarifications:
1. Mats received from clicking the Accept on the companion mission results window adhere to the new filter quality setting; the mats (less than or equal to your setting) go straight into legacy Materials storage. However, canceling a companion mission returns mats to the character inventory, not the legacy Materials storage.
2. When tasking a companion on crafting an item, mats come out of the legacy Materials storage ok, but the UI doesn't accurately reflect the mats remaining; it's always 1 click behind. Clicking again on the schematic will update the remaining Materials quantity, however. This is a major PITA because it screws up planning mats for complex crafting sessions. (E.g. I often task 8 companions on each of 19 toons at a time, wash, rinse, repeat.)