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10.23.2019 , 12:17 PM | #6
I just returned about three weeks ago after having been gone since 2012/2013 to find a crap ton of changes. Those changes though weren't as bad as the Onslaught changes imo. Here's what I don't like:

1. Females look worse then males
2. Tentacles should've had a separate slider, been worked on more cause some are at weird angles and been more varied
3.Patterns should've been more detailed, less splotchy/smudgy and had more patterns like Twi'lek
4. Eyes should've had different shapes and seem too wide spread,

Item colors/tooltips
1. Have to hover over items now to figure out if they are Legacy and if I can customize them. No more glance and go which was very handy. I don't even see that nice little Legacy shield on them now either.
2. No more orange for custom gear. Again, now have to hover over an item to see if it's Legacy/modable because can't just glance at color anymore. Dots on side of item DO NOT help me personally.
3. New color at top when hovered over and the way it looks is terrible. Way too much going on for just an item tooltip. Keep it basic like the old way.

UI layout
1. Nice to have a mat tab but the layout is just weird. Off to the side when I think they should've just kept it to the top part like quest items and whatnot.
2. Character UI is weird and looks like a beta model to me.

Hearsay from other players/other
1. Increase in crafting costs. Gold sinks should not include every day things such as crafting, skills, travel, armor, weapons, etc.. Keep gold sinks to a Jawa that sells mounts, titles, cosmetics, etc. that those rich fools can show off.
2. Not sure of what you're gathering. I think this is a bug but it is annoying whether it is or isn't.
3. Little icon above vendors heads just needs to go. Who dafaq came up with that and why was it considered needed?

I haven't even done any story past the original 3 chapters since I came back so have no clue about the new planets and story but these few things I've encountered from the start bug me. Most annoying to least annoying for me is:

Item change > Nautolan > UI change > Gathering bug > Vendor Icon > Crafting costs