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04.22.2019 , 02:44 PM | #9
I feel like Pyro's heat management being bad is more like a general issue than a tactical item bandaid. Tactical items sound like they're supposed to be ways to customize your playstyle. Stuff that fundamentally changes how you want to use an ability.

An idea:
item 1: Significantly reduce Shoulder Cannon's cooldown and dramatically increases its damage, but instead of loading missiles over time now fires a single missile at a target upon activation before going on cooldown.

This item increases the upfront burst shoulder cannon offers and slows the rotation down by getting rid of the shoulder missile weaving aspect of gameplay for people who are into that.

Then on the flip side

Item 2: Shoulder Cannon now loads additional missiles per tick or the loading buff lasts longer but each missile does less damage. If you really want to go crazy here add cooldown reduction.

Provide a DPS gain over the long run at the cost of instant damage and speed up the rotation by making missile weaving a much more common part of the rotation. Turn your PT into a veritable missile platform constantly shooting rockets at people in between attacks.